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Bug#419698: Bug#420602: kernel fails to boot on SunBlade 100


Try passing fbcon=map:1 (or video=atyfb:off) to the kernel.

I still get the same freeze with fbcon=map:1. But with video=atyfb:off the system boots. :) Thanks a lot! Although the console has the OpenPROM look instead of the usual white-on-black, the system seems to work correctly.

There's a known problem with atyfb cards, upstream is working on it.

I'd be happy to try a newer/fixed kernel.

Please let us know if this workaround actually solves your problem, so
that we can merge these two bugs as well.
(Just FYI, the other open bugs concerning this issue are #395147,
#403364  and #405285).

It does!
Contrary to bug #395147, my system does not boot (on another console) without the above workaround. My problem looks the same as bugs #403364 and #405285 though.

Once again thanks for your help. :)

Best regards,

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