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Bug#419698: Bug#420602: kernel fails to boot on SunBlade 100

* Kolargol double zero <kolargol00@hotmail.com>, [2007-04-23 15:50 +0200]:
>  After upgrading a SunBlade 100 from Sarge to Etch, the 2.6.18 kernel fails 
>  to boot after SILO loaded it. The screen shows:
>  Remapping the kernel... done.
>  Booting Linux...

Try passing fbcon=map:1 (or video=atyfb:off) to the kernel.

There's a known problem with atyfb cards, upstream is working on it.

Please let us know if this workaround actually solves your problem, so
that we can merge these two bugs as well.
(Just FYI, the other open bugs concerning this issue are #395147,
#403364  and #405285).


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