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Re: waking up in the 10.x.x.x network

Geert Stappers wrote:
Mmm, I begin to understand why the multi-config udebs were created.

However, I think this problem^Wchallenche is something that can not
solved only by writing program code.

I would go talk to the administrator of the registration server.
and ask for a directory on the that web server.

Assuming the registration server is known as 'rs', and the
requested web directory would be 'd-i'. I could boot debian-installer
with url=rs, which would be expanded into

See also http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2007/04/msg00794.html

Let's say that they go for it and let me have a d-i directory on the registration web server. I boot my install client, get an address in 10.x.x.x, download the preseed file from the web server -- and then crash when d-i can't see the internet to download the rest of the packages... Right? Because when you're in 10.x.x.x, the only thing you can see is this one web server. I would still have to find a way to re-configure the ethernet with it's correct IP address using the preseed files downloaded from the web server. Would that be possible? Maybe by having preseed execute a script? I suppose I would have to not only ifconfig the interface with the correct values, but presumably change d-i's debconf database too, as I don't know which is used to write out the /target/etc/network/interfaces file during the installation process.


They didn't go for it. They're too paranoid. Which doesn't surprise me any.

Even if I could get their DHCP server to serve me my correct static addresses that would solve the problem. I think. I would still need to make sure that after installation the system is set up to be static instead of DHCP.


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