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Bug#420162: marked as done (debian-installer don't load preseed/run script)

reopen 420162
reassign preseed
thanks mate

<fyi type="warning">
  this posting contains many "should"s

Op 20-04-2007 om 20:51 schreef Debian Bug Tracking System:
> preseed/run runs a shell command. If you want to wget a shell script,
> chmod +x it, and run it, you have to write shell commands to do that.

Such text is missing in the installation guide,
there[1] is this text:

# Most flexibly of all, this downloads a program and runs it. The program
# can use commands such as debconf-set to manipulate the debconf database.
# More than one script can be listed, separated by spaces.
# Note that if the filenames are relative, they are taken from the same
# directory as the preconfiguration file that runs them.
#d-i preseed/run string foo.sh

IMNSHO there should a modification be made in the preseed udeb.
Either should a `chmod +x downloadedprogram` added.
Or the errormessage '"The file needed for preconfiguration could not be
retrieved from %s. The installation will proceed in non-automated mode"'
should be changed into '"The program %s can not be executed"'

In the file ${di-root}/packages/preseed/preseed.sh is this code:

|  for location in $torun; do
|          location=$(make_absolute_url "$location" "$last_location")
|          if [ -n "$location" ]; then
|                  if ! preseed_fetch "$location" "$tmp"; then
|                          log "error fetching \"$location\""
|                          error retrieve_error "$location"
|                  fi
|                  chmod +x $tmp
|                  if ! log-output -t preseed/run $tmp; then
|                          log "error running \"$location\""
|                          error load_error "$location"
|                  fi
|                  log "successfully ran \"$location\""
|                  rm -f $tmp
|          fi
|  done

So the program code is having the `chmod +x` and the different messages,
it's output should also be available to the user.

Geert Stappers

[1] http://www.nl.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/apbs05.html.en

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