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Bug#420162: debian-installer don't load preseed/run script

Title: debian-installer don’t load preseed/run script

Package: debian-installer
Version: shipped with etch initial release


I guess I found a bug in the debian installer concerning the preseed/run command.
Using a netinstall i386 Etch CD I enter at the command prompt :

Press F1 for help, or ENTER to boot : auto url="" interface=eth0

Then installation start up to a message standing :

"The file needed for preconfiguration could not be retrieved from The installation will proceed in
on-automated mode"

But if I ALT/CTRL/F2 and enter wget the file actually loads.

In preseed.cfg the directive is :

d-i preseed/run string killdhcp.sh

If I try to wget or load the file in a browser I succeed too.


Jacques Garnier ( ASTEK )
SNCF DSIT-XIS/SO-AI Solaris/Aix/linux/(Tru64)
Poste : 50 85 44

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