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Graphical bug statistics.

	Hello, dear packaging teams.  As an aid for helping and motivating your bug 
squashing efforts, I have created bug graphs for the main packaging teams (as 
far as I know).  Please tell me if could be other people interested.

	A little history:

	As part of XSF, some time ago I tried to reduce the bug count for X packages.  
But I was somewhat blind, as I didn't know how many bugs we had and how many 
bugs I fixed.  Several months later, Brice Goglin started a wonderful crusade 
against old X bugs that are creeping in our BTS.  Also, other teams were 
working hard to release with not that many bugs. :-)

	So...I was trying to help with some tool since *a lot* of time ago, and in 
January I had enough of waiting, so one night I wrote some scripts based on 
pusling's work for KDE, but with nicer graphs (rrdtool).

	The result is:


	I think that the graph explains itself.  There is a version for every package 
under team's control, for example:

(sorry for the gap, it was due to merkel being down).

	Statistics are updated every 6 hours from the QA page for 
every address, and it automatically creates structure for new 
packages, so no need for manual interaction.

	These graphs cover the last 2 weeks.  For the last 2 months and last 12 
months, I have created additional graphs.  You have all the needed graphs in 
the top directory of each team:



- The change to rrdtool 1.2 will make uglier graphs.  As a remedy, I adopted 
rrdtool package to see if I can fix it. :-)
- There is a hole at February 15th.  I do not know what problem had 
qa.debian.org, but zeroed all the queries.

	If you know of any other team that would like to have those statistics, or 
you have any other suggestion, please let me know.

	Best regards,

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