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integrating win32-loader into d-i?

How close are we to being able to include win32-loader in Debian?
Looks like grub4dos and wget.exe can be built entirely with Debian tools
and it's just a matter of adding/modifying packages for those?
System.dll is the only thing that can't be built on Debian currently
(#319999). Is it needed for all versions of Windows or only some?

I may be getting ahead of myself in asking this, but should win32-loader
be included in the debian-installer package build infrastructure, or
would it make more sense to have it as a separate source package? The
latter could be more flexible -- maybe someone wants to use win32-loader
for something besides booting d-i -- but would require separate BYHAND
processing and maybe additional work to keep it synchronised with the
d-i images it downloads.

see shy jo

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