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Re: Bug#407460: USB ethernet interface renamed after installation on NSLU2 which causes the system to be inaccessible

Hi Frans

On Apr 16, 9:31 pm, Frans Pop <elen...@planet.nl> wrote:

> Just tried if I could reproduce this IPv6 problem and I cannot, at least
> not by just pointing an install to this same mirror and not even after
> manually loading the ipv6-modules udeb.
> Wonder if that too is something specific to this NSLU2 image...

I have been unable to reproduce this problem on my test NSLU2 using a
different mirror (ftp.uk.debian.org). This mirror is one that a user
on debian-arm is reporting the same problem.

Martin Guy reported that he gets these messages when using a kernel
that didn't have IPv6 support compiled in, which seems like it would
make sense.


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