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Re: Continous beeping

I suspect the overtemperature protection alarm fired.
Disabling it in the BIOS made no difference, but 
booting "install acpi=off" seems to help.

With best regards

Am Montag, 9. April 2007 16:23 schrieb Frans Pop:
> On Thursday 05 April 2007 20:49, Hartmut Niemann wrote:
> > I tried installing from the Debian Testing netinstall CD from
> > 2007-03-07, and on a PII-400 with onboard ADAPTEC SCSI the system
> > started
> > beeping high-low-high-low (octave interval) seemingly forever.
> > It starts about the moment  the "starting the syslog" apperars.
> The beeping is almost certainly not caused by the installer or even by the
> debian kernel. Most likely the BIOS is causing the beeping because of a
> serious (hardware?) problem.
> No idea how to help further with this. Sorry.
> You could try asking on the debian-user mailing list.
> Cheers,

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