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Bug#419386: installation-report: Installation issues

reopen 419386
reassign 419386 netcfg 1.37
forcemerge 419386 410560

> In going through the log, I noted something else in choosing a
> connection I was offered eth0 or eth1. eth0 is I think the firewire
> connection and was the default

That has been reported before, but should not happen according to the 
code. The log by itself looks OK: eth1 is detected as having a link and 
should thus be default.

Could you run an installation using the image at [1]? This has a modified 
netcfg with additional debugging statements. You only need to proceed up 
to (and including) network configuration, then save the syslog, and after 
that you can abort the installation.
Please make a note of what interface is offered as default. If it is not 
the firewire interface, you may need to reboot the installer and try 


[1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/netcfg-debug_mini.iso

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