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Bug#417749: installation-report: A few glitches when installing on Samsung M40 plus

> - TimeZone: I have chosen English/GB as language (at beginning of the
>   installation) because I prefer to have English as language.  So at
>   TimeZone the installer proposed me UK/London, but I cannot change it
>   to France/Paris.  I propose to add a button such as "Change proposed
>   TZ".

If you carefully read the language/country selection, you did not
choose English/GB as language.

You did choose English as language and United Kingdom as location. So
you basically told the installer that you are located in UK. As a
consequence, the installer chooses the UK timezone which seems pretty
logical to me.

TO achieve what you want, you should have chosen "Other" on the
country selection screen, then proceed down the list to France, choose
it and then you would end up with the French timezone while the locale
would still be an English locale.

I'm afraid there's no bo bug or even glitch here. The country
selection screen clearly explains what are the consequences of
choosing a country.

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