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Bug#417749: installation-report: A few glitches when installing on Samsung M40 plus

Package: installation-report
Severity: normal


I have installed debian (businesscard etch RC2) on a Samsung M40 plus
laptop.  A few glitches I detected:

- detect network interfaces: I have a wired (with the cable plugged
  into computer) and wi-fi with WEP network.  The computer has noth a
  wired and wireless interface.  During detection, the installer shows
  eth0 as Ethernet ... and eth1 as Broadcom (4407 I think)
  ... (wi-fi).  When I do DHCP on eth0 (wired), it receives no answer.
  When I do DHCP on eth1 (wi-fi), the DHCP server responds.  However,
  because of the WEP is impossible that it has used wi-fi connection.
  Conclusion: the two interfaces are interchanged (the Ethernet is in
  fact the wi-fi and viceversa).

- For any of the two interfaces it does not ask me about a WEP key.

- TimeZone: I have chosen English/GB as language (at beginning of the
  installation) because I prefer to have English as language.  So at
  TimeZone the installer proposed me UK/London, but I cannot change it
  to France/Paris.  I propose to add a button such as "Change proposed

- Upon installation of base system: at swsusp package I was asked "The
  swap is not active and suspend to ... is impossible.  Continue
  without it?"  What does yes and no buttons mean here?  I choosed
  "No" but the installation has continued!

- I chose to use sudo, and not to log in as root.  Now, many
  applications in GNOME->Administrator menu (changing Date/Hour too)
  ask for root password.  How can I start them from the menu if I do
  not know root password?

- There is no menu in GNOME to suspend to RAM.  How can I suspend to
  RAM (without executing "echo mem >/sys/power/state")?  It is very
  useful for laptops!

Sorry to not be more precise, but I provide more information if

Thank you for your work!
Eugen Dedu

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