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Bug#415856: HP dc7700 final notes 2

I need to clarify my last issue:

- The BIOS version 2.0.9 is for HP Compaq dc7700p Business Desktop
System BIOS for Intel vPro Technology (786E1 BIOS)

- The BIOS version 1.0.9  is for HP Compaq Business Desktop System

The difference is this: the version 2.0.9 is for Intel vPro Technology
and if you applied it, then you need to update too, the Active
Management Technology (AMT) v 2.1 Management Engine (ME) firmware else
anyway works but you always will see a warning message about this (a
problem with the firmware).

The normal step is just to update with the 1.09 version.

I put both in my site (for impatient persons)

http://fixxxer.cc/pub/wexe/sp34512.exe.gpg  (version 1.0.9)
http://fixxxer.cc/pub/wexe/sp35265.exe.gpg  (version 2.0.9)

You just have to do this (extract it):

gpg --output sp34512.exe -d sp34512.exe.gpg


Anibal Avelar (FixXxeR) http://fixxxer.cc
GPG: 83B64656 - C143 4AD8 B017 53FA B742  D6AA CEEA F9F3 83B6 4656

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