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Tasksel Marathi translations


I just noticed your commits of Marathi translations for tasksel.

I just wanted to point that the PO file(s) headers were incomplete
*and* incorrect.

 - please fill in Project-Id-Version:
 - please update PO-Revision-Date:. That should be done automatically
   if you use a decent PO file editor
 - please use a valid address in Last-Translator:. Using mangled
   addresses makes automated notifications to fail and needs manual
   processing. Just imagine the amount of work if all translators do
 - If possible, a valid team address that can be mailed by outsiders
   is needed in Language-Team

 - Content-Type: *must* announce a *valid* charset. This is used by
   gettext tools when they deal with PO files. Here, you should use

Finally, after doing all this, you can remove the fuzzy marker on the

Indeed, all this as well as the encoding problems you had in files
submitted for other packages suggests that these files are not
modified with a dedicated tool such as POEdit or KBabel. I do not
recommend this because this really opens the opportuniry for errors in
PO files.


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