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Bug#416986: raise timeout when other OS is detected

Op 01-04-2007 om 00:24 schreef Robert Millan:
> When another OS is detected, 5s timeout is too low, since the decision to use
> non-default option might happen very often.  In fact, it can even be the
> preferred one: think of Windows user who installs Debian to play around with
> it now and then, and feels embarassed that Debian has set up itself not only
> as the default, but also with very low timeout to react.

Extending the timeout is what I probably did on all dual boot system.
When it would be done automaticly, would be great!

IOW: I second this the wishlist BR.

> Attached patch rises it to 30s when os-prober has detected another OS (leaves
> it to 5s otherwise).

>From only reading the patch, I can't see where the test was done
if other OSes were detected.

Geert Stappers

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