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Re: d-i menu layout changes

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Obi Bok wrote:
> Hello. I'd like to suggest a slight visual change to 'debian-installer' in 
> terms of menu items layout.
> I've been meaning to post this to the list for years now but somehow never got 
> around to doing so, perhaps thinking that sooner or later it'd be done by 
> someone else or that such petty request would be ignored by the gurus.
> Anyway, here goes... What I'd like to see changed is:
> 1) Confirmation ("Done setting up the partition") should be at the very bottom 
> of the list for the easiest access; this is especially useful when dealing 
> with a big number of partitions and quickly holding down the down-arrow to 
> slide to the bottom in order to get out of the menu and do another one.
> 2) Group disk operations by separating them from the partition information; 
> this one is actually *almost* done with the exception that "Resize the 
> partition" is still in the "upper" section.
> To clarify what I mean, here are the current and suggested layouts:

> * Proposed layout *
> ------------------------------------
> Partition settings:
> Use as:
> Format the partition:
> Mount point:
> Mount options:
> Label:
> Reserved blocks:
> Typical usage:
> Bootable flag:
> Delete the partition
> Resize the partition (currently ...)
> Copy data from another partition
> Done setting up the partition
> ------------------------------------

> I hope this makes sense to some of you. It's not a huge thing but it's been 
> bothering me for years now. Thanks for understanding and excuse the lengthy 
> text about a seemingly unimportant thing.

I like this idea and should be trivial to implement. I, too, have
been bothered by the placement of the "Done setting the partition
option", as is faster just to press down and enter instead of
positioning carefully on the option.

Also, I agree that the resize command is not that well placed, but
notice that the delete and the resize commands might be useful to be
 farther from each other to avoid accidental deletes.
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