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Re: Installation report on Dell PowerEdge 1950, 2950, NIC issue

The network cards on these servers are detected in reverse order. A fix is in 2.6.19 (pci=bfsort), but for etch we shall have to edit the udev naming persistance rules in order to have NIC1 = eth0, NIC2 = eth1 like other generations of PowerEdges.

Please define "reverse order", reverse in relation to what?

Reverse in relation to the labels on the NICs and reverse in relation to the 1850 and 2850 series, and reverse in relation to the MAC addresses when sorted. In short, reverse in relation to what one might expect :)

The order in which NICs are detected is determined by the kernel. The installer (through udev) will make sure that the order in which the were detected during installation is preserved on reboot into the target system. AFAIK that is the most we can do.

I understand. However, you might want to make a note about that in the installer manual, because we are limited to 2.6.18, some Dell models have a reverse NIC numbering. Quite a puzzle if you don't know why automatic network detection doesn't work if you don't know the issue exists.

Note: the report was never accepted as an installation report because of
the "Subject:" line. IMO there is no real need to file it as there were
no issues.

Ah. Well. It never said so anywhere, just: please report :)

Anyway. Thanks.


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