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Bug#414117: [i386][netinst][daily 20070211] success: Dell PE1950, no raid

reassign 414117 netcfg
severity 414117 important

On Friday 09 March 2007 09:49, Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> System has two ethernet interfaces. Same type of device, just different
> MACs. The installer consistently picked the "wrong" interface during
> installation - i.e. the one that was not plugged in.
> I tried a couple of i386 netinst installs, and one using the amd64
> netinst. Behaviour was consistent in all these cases.

Reassigning to netcfg for this issue. The installer does link detection, 
but it is possible that it gets confused with completely identical NICs 
as those currently "look" the same to debconf.

> This is likely the well-known problem with udev,
> and might be fixed by the udev rules described in debian bugs #403706
> and #405775. I haven't tried this yet.

I doubt this is related.

> udev continues to give problems with disk renumbering; I would install
> to a disk detected as /dev/sdb and reboot and the disk would now be
> named /dev/sda. This needs to be documented in the release notes; its a
> significantly different behaviour from sarge.

No, Sarge had exactly the same problem. It just happened less frequently.

> The installer's default choices for this were reasonable but I dislike
> having /boot as a separate partition; I would rather have all of / and
> put /usr, /var /home and so on in separate partitions.

That is only possible if you don't put / in LVM as you did, but that will 
require manual partitioning anyway.

Thank you for your report.


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