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Bug#389881: RC-ness of this bug

On Wed, March 7, 2007 13:55, Otavio Salvador said:
> I don't know how invasive those changes might be. AFAIK Ubuntu already
> does it (Colin?) and wouldn't be too hard to pick the changes from
> them but we would also need RM and Frans approval :(

initramfs-tools already supports using /dev/disk/by-* entries in fstab. As
for the installer, I'm not sure that looking at Ubuntu will help since
they use something different than d-i for the regular installs (and I
don't know if their d-i based installer has any
mount-by-label/uuid/whatever fixes).

It would be pretty simple to implement as a late_command script though,
quick pseudo-code:


for each line in /target/etc/fstab; do
  read device mountpoint fs options dump order
  if $device matches regex ^/dev/[sh]da[[:digit:]]*$; then
    for each link in /dev/disk/by-id/*; do
      if $(readlink "$link") == $device; then

  echo "$device $mountpoint $fs $options $dump $order" \
    >> /target/etc/fstab.tmp
mv /target/etc/fstab.tmp /target/etc/fstab
in-target update-initramfs -u


I doubt something like this would be accepted though since it would be
hard to get sufficient testing for such a large change so late in the

David Härdeman

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