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Bug#404485: installation-reports: Installation fails on Digital UDB Multia (alpha)

On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 10:13:16PM +0100, Martin Lambers wrote:
> On Tue, 16. Jan 2007, 22:25:57 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > Booting from the CD succeeded. I got messages from aboot up to 
> > > "aboot: starting kernel boot/vmlinuz with arguments ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/ram devfs=mount,dall".

> > > I did not see any messages from the Linux kernel, but after a while, the
> > > TGA framebuffer was activated and the installer started on it.

> > > After choosing the language, country, and keyboard type, I got a message
> > > saying "No kernel modules were found. This is probably due to a mismatch
> > > between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the kernel
> > > version available in the archive. Continue without loading kernel
> > > modules?". 

> > Right, that's entirely possible. :-)  Just knowing that the framebuffer
> > works for you is a good test; once we get this into a real installer it
> > should work a bit better.

> I tested the debain installer snapshot 2007-03-04 today. The
> installation went fine on the TGA console, up to the point where the
> installed system is booted for the first time.

> The installed system does not seem to know the TGA console. I guess it
> does not load the tga module. I was not able to log in.

Sorry, I have no access to or experience with TGA hardware, and really no
time to investigate why the module isn't getting loaded.  If someone can
identify when the module needs to be loaded, and what needs to change in
order to get it loaded, there's a chance I might be able to look at it;
otherwise this is probably going to be post-etch stuff.

Note that you should at this point be able to ssh into the machine and
reconfigure it to load tga on boot.

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