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Re: Etch netinstaller has no eth0 in qemu

Although such a hostile message deserves no reply, I point out for
others who may not know it that [1]upstream of the arch-latest directory
one finds exactly the structure described above. It's been that way for
years, as I used it to follow Sarge development.

My excuses if you read this as hostile. Ways to express oneself are different.
May I nevertheless suggest to change the layout. I found it somewhat difficult to retrieve the md5sums after all: clicking the link, removing the file name in the new tab, reload. And to understand how it is, in the first place.
Plus, we are not expecting Joe Doe to use nightly builds, so my suggestion would be to link to the directory instead to the file. I surely am not the only person being bitten by this.
I retract my earlier suggestion of linking, and ask for the opposite. Being no Apache person, I have no clue if this can be set in Apache: transfer the link to the original location. If not, once again: It might be better to transfer to the directory containing the md5sum(s) and the iso-file.

On another note: I have by now used netinstaller Sarge, dated 20050305, manual selection, changed the sources s/stable/testing/, upgraded the kernel to 2.6, and it looks to be Etch.

And still another one: the second download of 20070304 also booted nicely, and similarly had no eth0 in dmesg. But let's wait for the third one from the static location before drawing any conclusion.


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