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Bug#413248: success with 'utf8' vfat mount option

severity 413248 normal
clone 413248 -1
reassign 413248 partman-basicfilesystems
reassign -1 release-notes

On Sunday 04 March 2007 03:19, Jeremy S Bygott wrote:
> (5) defaults,utf8 (see mount(8) in the section 'Mount options for
> vfat')
> Option (5) works for me; the others don't.

I have taken a quick look at the code in partman that sets these option, 
and I see no easy way to implement this, especially as the installer 
still also supports installing a system with legacy encodings, for which 
this setting would presumably be incorrect.

AFAICT this option is relevant not only for vfat, but also for ntfs and 
iso9660, but _not_ for fat16.

Post-Etch we can further investigate this and look at supporting this 
option in partman. In the mean time, adding a short note in the release 
notes could make sense.

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