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D-I Manual - String freeze - Call to update translations (deadline: Mar 18)

Since the last release of the manual, we have fixed a number of errors, 
made some minor changes and included some additions. The last includes a 
new section in an appendix describing installations using PPPoE.
There have also been changes in the size of tasks that should be included 
in the final version of the manual for Etch.

So, a call for a final effort to update your translations of the manual 
for Etch. The deadline is *Sunday 18 March*.

There will be no more changes to the manual, except maybe fixes for minor 
errors reported by translators.

The current status for XML-based translations is:
- German: up-to-date
- French: 2 outdated
- Japanese: 4 outdated
- Czech: 6 outdated
- Italian: 6 outdated
- Catalan: 12 outdated, 1 missing
- Portuguese (BR): 13 outdated, 1 missing
- Spanish: 14 outdated, 1 missing

For PO-based translations, it is:
1  100%  Russian
   100%  Chinese (simplified)
2  099%  Portuguese (PT)
3  098%  Greek
   098%  Finnish
   098%  Korean
   098%  Swedish
   098%  Vietnamese

The Greek translation has made a huge jump since the last release and can 
hopefully be included again.


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