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Bug#412922: please generate win32-loader.ini "manifest" file

On Thursday 01 March 2007 00:04, Robert Millan wrote:
> Please, could you include this patch to generate win32-loader.ini in
> the cdrom and hd-media builds ?  win32-loader.ini is like a "manifest"
> that win32-loader can use to figure out where to copy linux and
> initrd.gz images from (yes, it supports networkless mode now).

No, I'm sorry but I'm not going to consider this patch this late in the 
release process. There are a few reasons:
- I have no time and/or energy to really look into it;
- there is no chance to get any feedback in case there are issues
- as you say yourself, win32-loader is still highly unofficial

All in all, I see no reason to add this "nice to have" item when we're on 
the verge of releasing RC2.

If Joey wants to implement this and take full responsibility for it, then 
that is fine by me, but otherwise this is not going to be included in 



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