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Bug#411319: Vedr. Re: Bug#411319: Hang at "Creating device files"


I did that, but the file is nothing but
read(0, "", 1)                          = 0
read(0, "", 1)                          = 0
stuck in an infinite loop which I saw when I ctrl-c'd
it. When I tried to just let it run, it just kept
writing a 800mb file of those until processes started
to get killed everywhere and I can barely activate a
console before it gets killed off again. Any way to
tell strace to ignore dupes? I'll try restarting the
install process again and see if I can get a trace
before it grows too large to handle...

Kjell Rune

--- David Härdeman <david@hardeman.nu> skrev:

> Ok, perhaps you could try this:
> When apt hangs, change to VT2, then run
> "anna-install strace-udeb", now 
> run "ps axwww" and find the last apt process in the
> list, then run 
> "strace -p <process id of that process>" and send
> the output.

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