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Bug#380226: NTFS (partition) not recreated correctly after resize:incorrect start sector

On Friday 02 March 2007 03:11, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> What is the intended difference in semantics between RESIZE_PARTITION
> and VIRTUAL_RESIZE_PARTITION?  In the resize_partition() function these
> are distinguished by the open_filesystem flag which implied to me that
> in the latter case we wouldn't expect to find a filesystem in the
> partition at all.  Clearly that's not the case here.

I have no idea to be honest. There is a comment with the functions 
"are undocumented and should disappear", but I have no idea beyond that.

Could it be that a virtual partition is one that has been created or 
modified, but has not yet been committed to disk? This happens quite a 
lot in partman.

> It should be clear that all the new code (aside from the error check)
> only runs in the currently broken case, so this does not affect
> resizing ext2 etc.  And none of it is running below
> maximize_extended_partition().

This new patch works again. I've asked Colin Watson if he can review your 
patch. Within the D-I team he currently has the best grasp of what 
happens in this area of partman.

Thanks again.

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