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Bug#410289: installation-reports: Successful install with minor issues

On Friday 09 February 2007 12:14, Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Progress bar while downloading files from Debian mirror progressed
> only to about two tenths, then the red bar stopped. The number of
> downloaded files / 738 continued to change as expected. I had chosen
> to install all tasks except laptop.

This is an issue we see occasionally. No idea yet what causes it.

> I got one error, about printer config. I had chosen to install print
> server task, but this host did not have any printer attached while
> installing. I got back to installer main menu, and chose to do install
> step again, and it continued without further errors.

No idea about this. Without any more detailed info we cannot do anything 
about it either. Please provide at the very least the relevant part of 
the syslog for the installation.
It is also not an issue with the installer itself, but with the package 
that fails.

> System clock was not adjusted from time servers, seemed to just copy
> time from hardware clock which was one hour off.

That is correct. The installer only sets the timezone and whether the 
internal clock is interpreted as local time or UTC. At default priority 
it does this automatically based on the presence of other operating 

> The e-mail setup did not ask me about smarthost, or other e-mail
> settings. It is not immediately obvious how to set up
> e-mail. Somewhere during the installation the user should be informed
> to do dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config if he wants to send and receive
> e-mail from the outside world.  Or to read Installation Manual chapter
> 8.5.

There is no email setup (or rather, only a default one) and yes, users 
should read the installation guide.

> Installation manual explained several keypresses to get to BIOS
> setup. This PC had Intel Desktop Board D845WN, for which the keypress
> during POST is F2. Took me an our and a half first trying all the
> keypresses mentioned in the installation manual and then finding F2 by
> reading the motherboard manual. Perhaps all or at least some Intel
> motherboards use F2, too?

This section is really outdated and needs rewriting, probably not 
mentioning any specific key presses.

> Installation manual advices reportbug installation-reports for sending
> the report. But BTS has so many installation-reports already, that I
> got bored telling my bug is not among the several screenfuls listed,
> and exited the program. Started it again with reportbug --no-query-bts
> installation-reports, which in my opinion would be better command to
> give in the installation manual.

Yes, we need to clean out old reports. That is planned.

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