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Bug#412166: An almost successful install of Etch (2007-02-23)

reassign 412166 lilo-installer
retitle 412166 Suggests to use MBR on a strange disk

On Saturday 24 February 2007 05:56, asdf wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The install mostly went OK except for a few things:
> (1) I initially selected ftp.us.debian.org as the closest debian
> package mirror to use for the installation. However, when I chose
> ftp.us.debian.org, the installer was unable to download the Release or
> Releases file - I don't remember what the exact error message was but
> it might have been that the Release file was invalid or corrupt. I
> decided to change the mirror to ftp.debian.org and everything was hunky
> dory from that point on.

That can happen, especially with ftp.us.debian.org as that is a rotating 
mirror and strange things can happen if one of the mirrors is out of 
sync. Selecting a different mirror is the correct solution.

> (2) In the final step of the installation when the LILO boot loader was
> being installed, the choices for the LILO installation target were:
>    1. /dev/hdf (MBR)
>    2. /dev/hde2 (new Debian partition)
>    3. other choice (Advanced)
> I thought that was strange as my root partition was /dev/hde2 and I
> just assumed that /dev/hde would be the first choice for installing
> LILO to - and the whole hde disk was devoted to Linux as it is.
> Anyways, I went ahead and overrode the choice myself and decided to
> install LILO to /dev/hde2.

Reassigning to lilo-installer for this. Not sure if this is really an 
issue or not. It will probably not receive very high priority I'm afraid 
as grub is the default boot loader.

> (3) The installer for some strange reason decided that my system was an
> SMP system (when it is NOT) and installed an SMP kernel. No biggie as I
> always compile a custom kernel myself but I thought this was a bug.

The 686 kernel is not a pure SMP kernel, but supports SMP-alternatives. 
This means that it will automatically detect if your system supports SMP 
or not and do the right thing.

> And FWIW, a sincere thanks to all the D-I developers: D-I rocks! I've
> recently installed Etch on 3 different machines but only now have I
> taken the time to file an installation report.

Thank you!

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