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Bug#412066: debian installation bug

reassign 412066 pkgsel
retitle 412066 Cannot go back from task selection screen
severity 412066 minor

> Comments/Problems: At the Task Selection screen, I was prompted to
> choose software for my system. Needing to go back (to change the
> selected mirror), I pressed "esc" on my keyboard.  Instead of going
> back, this started the download of the packages. I was also unable to
> stop the download.

Known issue.

> This is counter-intuitive, and very frustrating. It could be improved
> by listing the key bindings on the screen (or on a help screen). Also,
> the ability to cancel the download of packages would be useful.

No, it actually is a lot harder to implement than that. As the <Go Back> 
button is already disabled, it would probably make sense to ignore the 
Escape key as well in the current situation.

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