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Re: Wrong console characters are after fresh etch install

Hi Frans,

Thanks for the pointers!

So, I think we have to live with it for a while. At least it doesn't look
like anything crucial for the release of Etch.


> On Wednesday 28 February 2007 00:37, Durk Strooisma wrote:
>> Just bringing up this issue again (see the end of the mail for the
>> original post). It would be nice if some people could check if they
>> encounter the same issue with wrongly displayed console characters in
>> Etch as well. If yes, I can post bug. You can simply check this by
>> issuing "man sudoers"; quotes should be displayed as quotes, not
>> characters like "â".
> It is a known issue due to the switch from legacy encodings to UTF-8.
> Not  all applications in Debian work perfectly in/with UTF-8 yet,
> although it  may also have to do with the font that is used.
> If I display the sudoers manpage on a console, I get black squares
> instead  of the quotes. In KDE's konqueror the manpage is displayed
> correctly.
> This is not an installer issue, but either a configuration issue or an
> application issue. If you have concrete suggestions what the installer
> could do to make certain applications work better, we could look at it
> (especially when it concerns default console configuration), but in
> principle the issues need to be solved by the maintainers of the
> packages  having problems with UTF-8.
> See also http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata where the
> general issue is mentioned.
> Cheers,

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