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Bug#412504: installation-report: daily netinstall fails desktop task (installation report)

Dear Frans et al., 

> We will need the exact error to further investigate this.

Yes, I figured that -- sorry for the useless error report -- I didn't realise 
that it was all in syslog or I would have sent it with the original bug 

The exact error starts with:

W: GPG error: http://download.mirror.ac.uk etch Release: ...... 

And then the killer is later:

WARNING: the following packages cannot be authenicated!
There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes

Followed by the prompt that I was able to describe to you earlier.

Attached is the syslog(.gz) as requested.

I tried a number of different .uk mirrors and ftp.d.o itself and all of them 
had the same behaviour so it's not just a mirror sync problem.  In fact, the 
only way I was able to successfully complete the installation was by telling 
the netinst image not to use a mirror and only install the minimalist base 
system. Enabling security support was OK, however.

> > The only way of proceding from 
> > this question was Ctrl+Alt+Del and try again 

For reference, I was also able to kill aptitude from VT2 which allowed me to 
back up and have a play.

> > Further investigation with aptitude running the tasksel matching itself
> > seems to show this is an apt key problem and perhaps already known to
> > you.
> It was a known problem, but one that has been fixed. It should not happen 
> on daily installation images.

That was my understanding, hence the bug report.

Perhaps this is related, given the timing....?


> Can you please send us the /var/log/syslog (gzipped!) for a failed 
> installation?

Hope it's useful to you....


Stuart Prescott                 www.nanoNANOnano.net

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