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Bug#412504: installation-report: daily netinstall fails desktop task (installation report)

On Monday 26 February 2007 14:02, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> If I provided a network mirror and asked for Desktop or Laptop tasks to
> be installed then install would crash at about 5% complete. Switching
> to another VT showed that the package manager was asking me if I wanted
> to continue past a warning (there was a big long list of package names
> that were going to be installed with a "Do you want to continue
> (yes/no)?" prompt at the end.

We will need the exact error to further investigate this.

> Unfortunately, I couldn't scroll up in the VT to find out what the
> problem was 

All messages are also saved in /var/log/syslog which you can view from VT2 
using nano.

> and there was no way of actually answering this yes/no question.

No, that is by design. These questions should not be asked and therefore 
there is no need to be able to answer them. If they are being asked, then 
that is a bug that needs to be fixed.

> The only way of proceding from 
> this question was Ctrl+Alt+Del and try again (hence the severity of
> this bug -- it exposes two problems.... the installer is asking some
> question that the user cannot answer and the installer probably
> shouldn't be asking this question anyway!)
> Further investigation with aptitude running the tasksel matching itself
> seems to show this is an apt key problem and perhaps already known to
> you.

It was a known problem, but one that has been fixed. It should not happen 
on daily installation images.

Can you please send us the /var/log/syslog (gzipped!) for a failed 

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