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Bug#411446: installation-reports

First, I'l like to say, I like Debian alot.   The work the developers do is appreciated, and expecially appreciate the response.  If you need help testing wise let me know as I have a spare iBook that perfect for doing it.
You can correct the setting to local time by editing the file
/etc/default/rcS and changing the value of UTC to "no".
Ah, thanks for the tip.
Do you have another operating system installed on that system?
If you do, was that operating system detected by the installer?
If you do not, why not correct the system clock to UTC. For a system only
running linux that is the preferred setting.
I do.  I have MacOS9 on another partition - had to manually add it in yaboot.conf and ybin -v it.
> Configure the Package Manager (not in guide)

Thanks for spotting that. I've added a few paragraphs to explain the
missing steps.

> Opening up gdmsetup (aka Login Window) gave me:
> Granted permissions without asking for password.
> The 'gdmsetup'program' was started with the privileges of the root
> user without the need to ask for a password, due to your system's
> authentication mechanism setup.
> sudo warns that
> randk is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.
> su -c visudo  #added
> %randk        ALL=(ALL) ALL

I'm not quite convinced that this is a bug.  If you think it is, could you
please file a separate bug report about that against the 'gdm' package.
This is outside the scope of the installer itself.
Noted, I will do another bug-report.  If only an inconvience it could be distracting to new users.
> Network Applet crossed out and says "No Network Connection" but ping
> works
Same here.

udo nano /etc/network/interfaces
Comment out everything except "The loopback network" entries
sudo nano /etc/default/wpasupplicant
sudo touch /etc/default/wpasupplicant
sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart

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