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Bug#411166: installation-reports: HP ProLiant BL465c G1

Frans Pop wrote:
reassign 411166 partman-lvm
retitle 411166 Error write partition table after changing guided setup

On Friday 16 February 2007 20:05, Sven Coenye wrote:
First attempt to install resulted in an unbootable system where LVM
could not find the root LV. Second attempt went without problems.
Differences between the two attempts:

On the first attempt we used the guided LVM partitioning option. This
results in a home use system where the home partition uses most of the
space. After manually deleting and recreating all partitions we got an
error message indicating that the partition table could not be written.
On the second attempt we choose the manual partitioning option.

The problem writing the partition table likely explains the reboot problem. I think I know what message you have seen. It is one that pops up sometimes and which we've not yet been able to track down.

If you can provide some instructions with which this can be reliably reproduced, that would be most welcome. Without such information it will be very hard to fix the issue based on this report.

I tried reinstalling the server, but the installer picks up the remnants of the partitioning scheme even after writing a blank partition table to the disk. This leads the installer down a different path so I can't reproduce this one.

There are a couple more identical servers still in the box that we will be installing next week. I'll have to try it on one of those.
On the first attempt we had only selected "Database server" from the
task list. On the second attempt we had also left "Standard system"

That should not make any difference in the reboot problem, though having the Standard system task installed is generally a good idea.


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