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Re: Will we be releasing some day?

On Tuesday 20 February 2007 09:48, Steve Langasek wrote:
> There are good reasons for wanting the d-i kernel to be as close to the
> shipped kernel as possible, but there are also good reasons for this to
> not be a hard requirement -- such as a last-minute security update that
> isn't relevant to the installer.

There is another option to deal with this (if it really is last-minute): 
have that security update ready for release through security.d.o. Or even 
release it through the testing suite of s.d.o before the release.
IMO it makes no real difference as s.d.o would be used as well if the 
security update were discovered just a little bit later.

> The need for GPL compliance in the face of version skew between the
> kernel debs and the installer were a major reason why, *pre-sarge*, the
> kernel packages had support added for rolling back to any previous
> Debian patchlevel.  I've just verified that yes, this code is still
> present in the current linux-2.6 package [...]

OK. That mitigates the requirement.

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