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Bug#411586: partman-auto-lvm: LVM guided partitioning does not seem to be customisable

Package: partman-auto-lvm
Version: 18
Severity: normal


I'm trying to configure an LVM partitioning in a virgin disk on a brand new
I'm using the CD labeled as:

     Debian GNU/Linux testing "Etch" - Official Snapshot amd64 NETINST
   Binary-1 20070218-08:47

that is to say

Using the textual user interface debian-installer, I reach the partitioning
I choose the partitioning method called "Guided - use entire disk and set
up LVM" and select the disk to partition (there's only one to choose).
I choose "Separate /home, /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions" as partitioning
scheme and confirm to write the physical partition table.
At that point, I get an automatically generated LVM and partition layout:

 LVM VG hostname, LV home - 239.4 GB Linux device-mapper
       #1 239.4 GB  f ext3   /home
 LVM VG hostname, LV root - 289.4 MB Linux device-mapper
       #1 289.4 MB  f ext3   /
 LVM VG hostname, LV swap_1 - 1.5 GB Linux device-mapper
       #1   1.5 GB  f swap   swap
 LVM VG hostname, LV tmp -  411.0 MB Linux device-mapper
       #1 411.0 MB  f ext3   /tmp
 LVM VG hostname, LV usr -    5.1 GB Linux device-mapper
       #1   5.1 GB  f ext3   /usr
 LVM VG hostname, LV var -    3.1 GB Linux device-mapper
       #1   3.1 GB  f ext3   /var
 SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) - 250.1 GB ATA MAXTOR STM325082
       #1 primary 255.0 MB B f ext3       /boot
       #5 logical 249.8 GB   K lvm

This is not bad, but I would like to customise it a bit.
I would like to resize some logical volumes, before finishing partitioning.
The debian-installer told me that I would be able to customise the
layout after seeing the results of guided partitioning...
Hence, I try to resize the /home logical volume.
Selecting the "LV home" line seems to yield to no effect at all.
Selecting the "/home" line leads to a partition properties screen,
but I cannot figure out how to resize the partition: I can delete
it, I can erase its data, I can copy data from another partition,
I can change mount point, filesystem, and so forth, but no size

I cannot understand what's wrong.
Does the confirmation message mean that nothing can be customised?
I thought it referred to the physical partitioning only (that is
to say, the /dev/sda1,/dev/sda5 split)...

Even selecting "Undo changes to partitions", "Guided partitioning" and
then "Manual" does not seem to allow me to set logical volume sizes...

Have I to restart the installation from scratch on a clean disk and select
"Manual partitioning" without ever touching any guided process at all, in
order to set up an LVM layout with sizes that fit my tastes?
I am a bit confused...

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