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Bug#411571: comments on daily etch installation cd

Package: installation-reports

I burned a "business card" install CD (20070219-09:08), and installed
onto a swap partition for testing.

Is it intended that my pentium4 ends up with not only libc6-i686 but
also libc6-amd64?

Regarding the prompt one receives after ssh to the install machine:

  o This is the same prompt you see locally ("Start a shell"), but the
    prompt acts a mite differently:

  o The rescue shell prompt offers a "go back" option, but it starts a

  o The rescue shell prompt says that "exit" will return me to the
    installation menu, but actually it just exits the ssh session (as
    stated at the previous menu).

Finally, when I installed ~2 weeks ago with a netinst image, I used the
ntfs mount ability.  I can't find that right now (is it available from
business card??), otherwise I would recheck, but I'm fairly certain that
there's a minor typo in one of the prompts.

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