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Bug#410129: installation-guide: minor fix for section 1.1 _What is Debian_

I'd appreciate some advise/suggestions about the bug report below.

I agree with Francesco that Debian does not necessarily promote "the 
ideals of the Free Software _Foundation_".
However, others are probably more aware of the historical context.

I am also unsure if replacing that by "ideals of Free Software" is 
correct. After all, Free Software is hardly a sentient entity that can 
have ideals.


(Please keep both the list and the BR in replies.)

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 23:31, Francesco Poli wrote:
> Section 1.1 _What is Debian_[1] states, in part:
> | Debian is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to developing free
> | software and promoting the ideals of the Free Software Foundation.
> I'd say that Debian promotes (or should promote...) the ideals of
> Free Software, not necessarily those of the FSF, which not always
> agrees with the Debian Project (see the disagreements on the GFDL,
> for instance...).
> Hence, I would suggest:
> s/the ideals of the Free Software Foundation/the ideals of Free
> Software/
> so that users that read the installation guide won't come back later
> and complain, when they find out that the Debian Project and the FSF
> have different opinions regarding some issues...
> [1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.amd64/ch01s01.html

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