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Bug#410698: Forgotten word in French translation

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 00:30, Steve Langasek wrote:
> I don't follow this.  Why is it wrong to upload fixes for *any*
> translations as time allows?  Translation fixes ought to be considered
> on their own merits and on whether they interfere with the release
> process, not by whether someone would consider it "unfair" to other
> languages.

Because we are frozen for the release of RC2; you have to draw the line 
somewhere. The fact that RC2 is taken longer than expected is making me 
consider to unfreeze D-I again and in that case all translations that 
have committed changes since the start of the freeze should benefit, and 
not just French.

Committing fixes in components manually for only one language would 
effectively be unfair to other languages that also have pending 
translation updates in the master PO file.

If we're going to allow updates, it should be for all languages and all 
components and then it makes more sense to do this in bulk just before 
migrating udebs to testing. There is also updating the Etch branch to 
take care of.

Please trust me to manage this properly.

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