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Bug#410418: installation-reports: Successful installation on HP Omnibook 6000

Geoff Simmons wrote:
> Sure, please find it attached.

Ok well, you have a cdrom: line with contrib in it, so the installer did
the right thing in adding the security.debian.org contrib lines.

OTOH, it's sorta weird that the cdrom had a contrib component on it.
Apparently for some reason our netinst includes msttcorefonts which is
in contrib.

Ok, a lot of unncessary stuff including this is getting pulled onto the
netinst due to debian-cd's annoying behavior of satisfying every
alternative in orded dependencies. cdebconf depends on the whole
gtk/fontconfig toolchain, which has an ored dependency that includes

cdebconf is supposed to be in the exclusion list, but debian-cd seems to
be broken now. Due to recent changes it first adds everything, including
all package deps. Then it excludes packages (but not their deps). This
is why we're getting msttcorefonts, and the whole fontconfig/gtk chain
on the netinst, which is currently 160 mb (30 mb larger than it should

see shy jo

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