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Bug#352758: Workaround

Workaround for bug #352758:

Before executing the `detect network hardware step' switch to a shell
via Alt+F2, copy the 3CCFEM556.dat file included in the pcmcia-cs 3.2.8
package to /lib/firmware, and rename it to 3CCFEM556.cis.

On an "etch" netinstall, I issued the following commands:

# mkdir /lib/firmware
# cp /etc/pcmcia/cis/3CCFEM556.dat /lib/firmware/3CCFEM556.cis

After switching back to the first VT, the NIC is detected and the
install proceeds normally.

Thanks to Peter Stuge, cc'd above for providing the solution.



      "2.5 The difficult cases: CIS overrides"


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