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Re: preseed during cd boot

Il giorno mar, 06/02/2007 alle 22.47 +0100, Geert Stappers ha scritto: 
> Op 05-02-2007 om 21:47 schreef Franco Vecchiato:
> > ....
> > Anyway, it seems you cannot put preseed file into a cd different from
> > installation cds if you cannot change cd during the installation, when
> > the installer loads the file.
> > You can only place it in the root of the first installation cd, so you
> > have to change it.
> > 
> > Therefore it seems impossible to use file preseeding with the
> > *standard* etch installation cds or dvds.
> And what happens next?
I tried again to use file preseeding with standard etch installation cd
(the first) putting the preseed file into a floppy, and I did "linux
preseed/file=/floppy/preseed.cfg" at the cd boot prompt;
an error is generated (red screen) remarking that download of debconf
preseeding file failed and suggesting to continue with a normal
non-automated installation, but the message tells nothing about paths to
the preseed file (e.g. file:///floppy/preseed.cfg).
I tried with ext2 as well as with vfat formatted floppies.

My own hope is to have simple, fast and flexible file preseeding
methods, without the need to build new custom installation cds or dvds,
different from the standard ones, every time you change the preseed


Franco Vecchiato

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