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Re: preseed during cd boot

Il giorno ven, 02/02/2007 alle 23.41 +0100, Geert Stappers ha scritto:
> Op 01-02-2007 om 23:20 schreef Franco Vecchiato:
> > Hello,
> > my name is Franco Vecchiato, I'm trying to use preseeding during cd
> > installation of debian testing i386; I use only the first iso cd image
> > of debian etch till now, and
> > I want to use file preseed, not initrd or network, see appendix B of the
> > new debian installation guide.
> > 
> > If you use cd/dvd installation method you can use file preseeding
> > (appendix B.1.1), and you can specify boot parameters in syslinux.cfg or
> > manually at the boot prompt: preseed/file=/cdrom/preseed.cfg (appendix
> > B.2.1).
> > It seems that you only can place preseed.cfg on a cd or dvd for file
> > preseeding, you cannot make a cd/dvd installation and take preseed.cfg
> > from a usb device.
> And what happens when you do
>   preseed/file=/hd-media/preseed.cfg
> (put the preconfiguration file in the toplevel directory of the USB stick)
> ...

Already tried, putting the preconfiguration file in the toplevel
directory of the USB stick.
An error is generated (red screen) remarking that preseeding file
download failed (debian installer searches the file in
file:///hd-media/preseed.cfg); this error is generated after I answered
to questions on language, state and keyboard layout, after hardware
detection and cd scan.
The same error message is generated when I do
preseed/file=/hd-media/preseed.cfg as well as when I do

In either case there is a button to select (continue) if I want to
continue the installation in non-automatic mode.

Best regards

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