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Bug#410289: installation-reports: Successful install with minor issues

clone 410289 -1
reassign -1 libc-client2002edebian
retitle -1 new users shouldn't be asked to care about historical settings

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 01:14:43PM +0200, Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Subject: installation-reports: Successful install with minor issues
> Package: installation-reports
> Version: Etch installer daily 2007-02-08
> Severity: normal

> *** Please type your report below this line ***

Thanks for the report.

> I chose to install in finnish, but there was one screenful that was in
> english. The header was in finnish "libc-client2002edebian:n asetusten
> sÀÀtö", but the rest of the text was in english:

> Libc-client earlier than version 2002d (and development versions of 2003) included ...

I'm cloning this bug to libc-client2002edebian not for the missing
translation (which is always a possibility, you'd need to talk to the
Finnish l10n team to get that resolved), but because it's inappropriate for
this debconf prompt to be shown to users on new installs because it's of no

It arguably shouldn't be a debconf question at all (NEWS.Debian exists for
informing users about important changes, and debconf shouldn't be used to
second-guess apt), but that's more of a style question that reasonable
people seem to disagree on.

I'll leave the rest of your install report for someone else to analyze.

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