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Bug#410218: etch RC1 release installation

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frans Pop [mailto:elendil@planet.nl]
> Sent: 08 February 2007 18:00
> To: 410218@bugs.debian.org
> Cc: 410218-submitter@bugs.debian.org
> Subject: Bug#410218: etch RC1 release installation
> On Thursday 08 February 2007 18:21, peter green wrote:
> > if so you are probablly hitting a known bug,
> No, that is not possible. That issue has been fixed.
sorry i must have missed its migration to testing, 
> > the easiest workaround for 
> > this known bug is to skip installing packages and install the software
> > you want manually after installation.
> Working around the issue won't fix it for others. What we actually need 
> here is to know what package is causing the problem in this case.
> Could you try to reproduce the problem and send us the syslog (gzipped!) 
> for the installation.
> If you have another computer connected to the system the easiest 
> way is to 
> use the "Save debug logs" option in the main menu of the installer after 
> configuring the network, but before the package installation is started.
might also be an idea to look if there is anything of interest on the log vt (alt-f3) at the time of the hang

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