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Bug#410218: etch RC1 release installation

I hope, this file will be helpful.

Wojciech Zareba

Frans Pop napisał(a):
On Thursday 08 February 2007 18:21, peter green wrote:
if so you are probablly hitting a known bug,

No, that is not possible. That issue has been fixed.

the easiest workaround for this known bug is to skip installing packages and install the software
you want manually after installation.

Working around the issue won't fix it for others. What we actually need here is to know what package is causing the problem in this case.

Could you try to reproduce the problem and send us the syslog (gzipped!) for the installation. If you have another computer connected to the system the easiest way is to use the "Save debug logs" option in the main menu of the installer after configuring the network, but before the package installation is started.


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