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Re: ppp-udeb testers needed (custom image perpared)

(Please, Cc: me, I'm not subscribed on debian-boot@)

Eddy Petri??or wrote:
>>>> - - in D-I environment
>>>>  * transitory problems when trying to do the inital connection (cable
>>>>    unplugged or PPPoE server down) should be detected
>> => errors = "No concentrators found" then It works!
> Did you try to unplug the cable between the concentrator search and
> before you enter the login info. There should be a different error message.

I didn't try.

>>* bad/good login should be detected (good logins are silent)
>> => bad login = "failed authentification" then It works!
> You mean you tried a bad login and resulted in a "failed authentication"
> message, thus the test is succesful, not that after that message the
> connection works, right? Just want to make sure...

Yes, test is succesful, bad login results in a "failed
authentication" message.

>> => good login = It works!
>> Note that during PPPoE operations, incorrect message is displayed :
>> "Starting PC Card Services..."
> This is weird :-/
> Is that *during* PPPoE setting or just *before* the concentrator is
> searched?

Not just before the concentrator is searched but during all PPPoE
operations instead of questions. Do you want that I precise with
screenshots and open a bug ?

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