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too much choice is (seen as) bad (Re: r44961 - people/rmh/win32-loader)


On Monday 05 February 2007 19:22, Geert Stappers wrote:
> I also like to see the preseeding of the hostname being dropped.

I'd like it to be preseeded by the windows/dhcp settings, with the option to 
override this decision.

> * The user choosing for GNU/Linux is able to make more choices.

No. That's not always true. And there are also people, who are able to make 
the choice, but don't want to.

>   And infact, that is his reason for making the switch: Having a choice.

There are many, many reasons to install^wtry out Linux. And also for 
switching :)

> * Quit the "I decide for the simple MS-Windows user" attitude.

We choose a default desktop (gnome), both desktops install zeroconf, exim4 is 
the default mailer - these are all choices (to gove a few examples) I dont 
like (esp. for myself) - but I'm very happy that someone took the initiative 
to think up good defaults which (try to) mirror expected behaviour of a 
computer in 2007.

I'm quite sure if you offer people "food a" and "food b" the majority will 
choose "food a" - whatever this is, just because it's the first option :) 
Many people dont want to choose, decide on details of the configuration,  
they want their computer to work. Life is full of choices allready. Ever 
noticed how many people keep the default desktop backgrounds?

And of course, changing the defaults should be easy - during and after the 

> Geert Stappers, who admits that the Win32 loader is a good thing.

/me too - great work!


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