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re: eth1

Hi there de-buggers
Ive lost the bug report number. Im the guy
that had the problem where the installer could
only give me an ethernet connection when I ran with:
install interface=eth1

Anyway I reinstalled Deb and it worked correctly the
second time. Could this be because there already 
was a Debian OS installed the second time and the installer got the
settings from the OS? 
The first time I installed onto a blank hard drive.

I did put a couple of:
set -x
into the file ethdetect
not sure if I put them in the right places or
in fact Im not sure if the was the right file.

If anybody wants to give me clear instructions,
or point me to a URL with clear instructions I will
do it all again from a blank hard drive and see what 
happens and what we can find out.

Anyway Im not particularly concerned about it now,
as Ive got everything I want and thats a good operating

Thanks and regards

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