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Bug#409420: g-i: Addtional chars appear in screen titles (which aren't in the translation)

reassign 409420 cdebconf-gtk-udeb
severity 409420 important

On Friday 02 February 2007 22:24, Lior Kaplan wrote:
> During the installation I've noticed that before some of the titles
> there is additional character or sign.

This seems to be a regressions since RC1, which may help trace the cause.

However, the same goes as with #409412. In principle it is too late to fix 
this for Etch. Maybe it can still be fixed, but that depends on how fast 
the issue can be traced, in which package the bug turns out to be and the 
complexity of the patch.
You (the Hebrew/Arabic community) will need to take the lead on this 

Reassigning to cdebconf-gtk-udeb for now although the real cause may be in 
one of the libraries that is used.


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